You Can Go to Hell But Im Not Going With You!

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  1. Am I going to hell? You asked Google – here’s the answer | Andrew Brown | Opinion | The Guardian
  2. Is it true that I will go to hell because I am a lesbian and how can I know for sure?
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Havent I not still sinned? SO I am no different from a homosexual so what makes it right for me to be saved and not the homosexual? Why do I have to continue my life searching for something that is just not working out? Am I destined to just be alone? Jan 27, when will i be loved by: Tabitha I was dating a woman and she broke up with me because pastor mike told her that we were sinning I've leaved and loved this woman for 8 years now and 4 of those years we were a couple.

So I believe that if God sees all that he would have known that I would be a lesbian and if god really did love his children then why would he put us on this earth just so we would have to live unhappy lives and than go to hell? Apr 09, Should I break up with my girlfriend? Does this mean that I have to break up with my girlfriend, who makes me happier than I've ever been, supports me in all that I do, lifts my spirits, and is my best friend and confidant? That would truly break me, and I'm already suffering the worst depression in my entire life because of my mom's failing health and my ever-present fear of death.

So what? I just break up with her because she has female genitals and not male ones? If she was a boy, it would be OK? I don't understand how being with someone who makes me happy is wrong. How can love be wrong? If God is love, then wouldn't He support all love if it is true? Why would He put us in each other's lives and watch us fall in love only to condemn us for it and need us to break up to be forgiven? I'm so confused. I want to go to Heaven when I die, but is this what is going to stop me? I've even dated boys in the past and none of them made me as happy as she does.

I don't get it. I'm so confused and miserable. Rick's comment: Hi Bonnie - the Bible never tells anyone to repent of homosexuality. This website explains that it it not a sin to be gay, not a sin to be in a gay relationship. Here is what the Bible teaches about repentance. It helps to get yourself grounded Biblically and spiritually by studying the Bible for yourself. So don't let the nattering nabobs of negativity ruin your day. Love God - love your partner - serve Jesus together as a team. Live in the awesome grace of our loving Lord Jesus.

May 18, Confused about liking a girl - what do I do? I really think I love her.

Am I going to hell? You asked Google – here’s the answer | Andrew Brown | Opinion | The Guardian

But I'm so afraid. I don't want to go to hell. I have always been taught, all my life, that people who are bi, gay, and lesbian would go to hell. And now that I feel like this- I don't know what to do. My parents will hate me. My friends will hate me. But she makes me so happy. I'm miserable trying to figure this out, it's confusing me and consuming my life. What do I do? Rick's comment: Hi Lisa - Thanks for the good question. First thing to do is: Make sure you are saved.

Second, once you know you are saved, it helps to understand what happens when you get saved. Third, once you understand what happened when you got saved, it helps to understand how long you are saved for. Is your salvation temporary or eternal? Fourth, my Gay Christian FAQ answers lots of questions about gay relationships and is it okay to be gay.

Jun 29, It's easy to judge by: Hope I think its easy for people to judge others, but they dont understand that when they do this they judge themselves too. Jesus paid the price for all of our sins. He gave up his life for us so that we could ALL be saved not just the people who go to church or judge others. I c a lot of people hating gay people n judging them. But the Bible tells us that only god has the right to judge us.

God who sees the intentions and motives in every persons heart, not just their sexuality or religion. A lot of people are completely missing god's message of love when they set out to judge others regardless of what they are judging them for. We dont have to be perfect or meet a list of expectations to have gods love. It is a free gift that we have only to accept and be saved. Im a lesbian. It took me a long time to accept that.

I grew up in a conservative home. I tried to do what i thought was right. What i was told was right. I tried dating guys. It didn't go any where. It was like i was a robot going through the motions to make everyone else happy. A prisoner in my own skin. I was afraid that if i told my parents, family, or friends theyd all hate me and disown me. For a while i felt like god hated me because no matter how hard i prayed for him to change the way i felt in my heart nothing changed. I was still attracted to women. I hated myself bc my religion had taught me that gays were an abomination. And even though i was a christian and believed in god i was convinced that god and everyone else hated me, so i kept thinking about killing myself.

But i didnt bc i believe suicide is an unforgivable sin in the sight of the lord. So here i am and probably other people too. We believe in god. We believe jesus is our savior. But sum of us would rather die than go on living the rest of our lives in this hell. When people try to shove their religion down our throats or force us to repent for being gay it has the opposite effect. It drives us away from god. Because their actions are driven by hate and not love.

God is love. And jesus tells us what love is in 1 corinthians It starts like this - love is patient, love is KIND. Its not kind to force someone to do something because u think its right and they are wrong.

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So n e ways, i dont hate the people who hate me. I pray for them because i know they dont know what they're doing, just like jesus did when the jews were crucifying him. Sometimes it has to get worst before it can get better. Like a rainstorm before a rainbow. Aug 31, It hurts by: Lashae B. I am a woman who is completely in love with another woman. I have never been so happy in my entire life. She loves, supports, encourages, and cares for me in ways I've only dreamed of.

She is open and confident in her sexuality me on the other hand I was raised to believe it as a one way ticket to hell to love another female. I struggle with this everyday. My family who doesn't know of our relationship is completely against it and will not accept it under any circumstances nor will my friends. I'm so afraid God will send me to hell as they say, so afraid of losing my family and friends and being judged, and I'm also afraid to lose the only true and real love I've ever known.

I keep looking for answers, reading the bible but I am sp confused.

Is it true that I will go to hell because I am a lesbian and how can I know for sure?

I don't want to misinterpret the bible and think what I'm doing is right if I will go to hell,nor do I want to let go of my love if the Lord won't send me to hell as I've been taught. It just hurts. Rick's comment: Hi Lashae - There is help for your hurt in Jesus. Second, once you know for sure you are saved, it helps to understand what happens when you get saved. God has something He has already planned for your life, Ephesians You can trust Him to work out His plan in your life as you walk with Him. It really touched me and have me hope.

Can I please ask you 2 other questions that have been brewing on my heart. My first question is I've always been attracted to women in a way but men as well. My partner is only attracted to women, I fell in love with her not because she's a woman but because if who she is, so do you believe God would view that as "Making a choice" not technically only being attracted to my same gender but both, in other words am I wrong for choosing a woman not a man.

My second question is we are both growing in the Lord and being saved sex outside of marriage is a sin, we all know this. We won't to be married once we are will this be a blessed union or will we still be sinning if we have relations. I'm ready to give my life to God and be free from worry and thanks for your help, so much. Thank God for you and your site. Rick's comment: Hi LaShae - It sounds like you may be bisexual. Hope this is helpful. Feb 11, Punishment by: Brianna Hartley Will I get punished by god for being lesbian or in a gay realationship?

Rick's comment: Hi Brianna - No, God doesn't punish you for being lesbian or for being in a gay relationship. Jesus showed us the incredible love of God for all when He took our place and died for our sins so that we can be saved. Please click on the Link to make sure you are saved by grace alone through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. Oct 07, Let me be as clear about this as the word of God has already been by: Boris Volansky I'm so tired of people taking God's truth, His word, and making it into their own righteousness.

Satan works directly through those people. So let me be as clear as 1 Corinthians It says: "NO homosexual shall entire the kingdom of heaven. Now Jesus does love us all. In this case homosexuality. That simple. Rick's comment: Hi Boris - Your funny comments made my day! Paul didn't put the word, homosexual, in 1 Cor in ANY language.

There are many words Paul could have used if he wanted us to understand he was condemning gays. That you believe "there is no such thing as taking out of context" indicates you are a young Christian who doesn't know much about the Bible. Otherwise, it is better to remain silent and make no comment on issues about which you have no knowledge.

Jan 07, ancient translation by: april I am amazed at some of the comments that have been made by some of the on the subject of the Bible and Homosexuality but no one has mentioned that homosexual was not a word in the HEBREW language. I guess there was interpretation problem?! Rick's comment: Hi April - Good point and one I make many times on this website. In fact, I made the same point in my Oct 07, answer to Boris about the Greek language, just before your comment.

Jan 10, i am bisexual by: lilly I say that God loves all his children no matter what he knew already how the way you are he knows because he made you he knows what your going through and how you are it's not new to him of the way you are God just wants you to be happy if your not happy and have people change you then your going to live miserable and live your life how other people want you to live your live I say do what you want and live your live and God will know what to do in the end leave that to you and God he is the only one that judges and will decide what he will do and yes this is what I think and it's my opinion.

This Good Person page explains all about it. Mar 02, No heaven for gays by: M Gay people will not b in heaven unless u change your wicked ways. God already said in the Bible it is an abomination. Smart move using only the initial M. I wouldn't want to associate my name with that kind of bigotry either.

May 27, Wow by: Sully It's very interesting that literally copied and pasted how to be saved straight from "The Way of the Master but yet you don't repent of homosexuality which by the way IS sexual SIN. I wrote to Ray and requested permission and Ray gave me permission to post the tract on my website, via Julie, his executive assistant, who answered my email request and relayed Ray's permission.

At the bottom of the page on which the tract appeared, was a note that it was posted with kind permission of LivingWaters. In the several years the Good Person tract was on my website, I had a dozen people or more write to let me know they got saved. I should also point out that in my request for permission to post Ray's tract on my website, I included a link to my website so that it was clear from the beginning that my website takes a different view on gays than Living Waters.

The point is that I did not post the tract on my own, simply disregarding Living Waters' rights. I requested and received permission from Ray to post it on my website. Julie relayed Ray's okay, granting permission and also pointing out that her brother is gay, that she and Ray and others from Living Waters have witnessed to him and asking me to pray for his salvation. You may not be aware of it but there are a number of gay and lesbian Christians who have taken Ray and Kirk's Evangelism course, who use Living Waters and similar tracts and who witness and win souls on a regular basis.

In April, , Allen Atzbi, who works for Ray Comfort, rescinded permission for me to feature Ray's tract on my website. After ascertaining that Ray supported Allen in his request, I removed the Good Person tract from my website. In its place, I wrote a witnessing script using the Ten Commandments and adding in lots of Bible verses which are not normally used in Ray's presentation. So to be accurate, I did not literally copy Ray's words although I did use a similar approach. I hope this explains it to your satisfaction. Jul 20, Then why in the OT was being gay punishable by death?

Rick's comment: Hi M - There is no chapter in the Old Testament where being gay is punishable by death. Every passage cited to support that view is ripped out of its biblical cultural doctrinal historical linguistic and religious context, in order to teach that lie from hell. God bless as you read and study His infallible word, 2 Timothy Dec 01, Highly at The verge of losing my mind by: Yvonne Im Lesbian but I truly love God and would really want to be saved but I have my other christian friends who keep preaching to me about the verse that talks about homosexuals not going to heaven and also the destruction of Sodom n Gomorrah, It leaves me devastated.

Rick's comment: Hi Yvonne - God has a good reason for bringing you to my website. God has good news and peace of mind for us when we believe what He says in the Bible. The most important question to answer right now is: Am I sure I am saved? Many gays are cultural Christians instead of born again Christians. They grew up in church or they are religious or they are spiritual.

They try to do the right thing but they've never personally received Jesus Christ as their Savior from sin. Why do so many young people quit church? The best preparation for being a disciple of Jesus is to know for sure you are saved. Everyone needs to be saved from sin and hell and the wrath of God. Here is what Jesus taught about hell and God's wrath. Jesus teaches Hell What is the wrath of God? Getting saved and becoming a disciple of Jesus means not trusting your good works, confirmation, baptism, sacraments, being a cultural Christian or grace allegedly infused through a church, instead, trusting by grace alone through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ alone to save you.

What must I do to be saved? Once you know for sure you are saved, it helps to understand what happened when you got saved. What happens when you get saved? Once you understand what happened when you got saved, it helps to understand how long you are saved for. Am I saved for all eternity? About the questions you have: Can homosexuals go to heaven? Yes, absolutely - if you receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, you will go to heaven. Did God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality?

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No, absolutely not. The Sodom story is NOT about homosexuality. Feb 12, Gay are artificalb by: Kasperinblack God distroyed Soliman because of the same sex actuvitues God never had any gay Angels or transgenders Angels nor did Jesus prophets were gay or transgenders.. Yes you will not be accepted in the book of life. You only make yourself look bad. Apr 22, Lesbian by: Amy I am confused because I'm hearing that i will go to hell and that im not going to hell. I'm just confused and i really need to know if i will go to hell for being a lesbian.

I believe in God and Jesus more than anything. And i listen to Christian songs all the time. I just don't know if going to hell is true for being a lesbian or not. I really need help cuz i love god and jesus and i cry because of not knowing i will go to heaven for being a lesbian. Please reread it and click on and read all of the links. Also, you will find helpful information in these comments and in my answers to the comments.

Please click on the links. This link explains exactly how to get saved so you know for sure you are going to heaven. May 22, Thank you by: Grace Cope God doesn't hate you. People do. And you should treat people the way they should be treated. My body is a temple. May 27, Food for Thought by: Roger I have never had any desire to be with another man, but if I did, I wouldn't want to take the Risk! Two men or two women together can not produce offspring.

This is against Nature and the Bible , therefore God's plan would not work. The human race would disappear - I will Pray for you. Rick's comment: Hi Roger - Thanks for praying for us! May I offer you more food for thought?

Although they are no longer in heterosexual marriages, many gays and lesbians already have biological children. Many other gays and lesbians have already adopted children who are not gay. Jun 01, why lie by: guliana You kiss ass if they agree gay is good but say we are bigots if we point truth out. See pastor Daniel hell. God loves sinner not the sin sorry.

Rick's comment: Hi Guliana - Thanks for sharing that with us. Sep 27, confused by: Anonymous Hi my partner an i been together for 9 years now we go to church on sundays together but she has committed herself to the church,two days ago she came to me and she told me that the Lord spoke to her and told her that our sex life is not healthy but she does not want to leave me she wants to grow old together so were does that leave me.

I am not allowed to touch her or kiss her what must i do she reads a lot of Joseph Prince books. Rick's comment: Hi Anonymous - I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. There is no verse in the Bible which condemns lesbians or lesbian relationships. So, it would do your partner good to read less of Joseph Prince and more of the Bible.

The general rule for sex in a marriage is found in 1 Cor Partners are supposed to meet each other's needs sexually because: 1. That is God's plan. That avoids the emotional and spiritual chaos of having sex with people who don't love you and are not in committed relationship with you. Is there really life after death? In truth, we probably all hope there is something that comes after.

Maybe in the smallest recesses of our minds, we are planning on it. What are we planning on? A life after death of some sort. Some call it paradise. Some call it heaven. Some also talk of hell. Another thought that many people possess throughout life, often subconsciously, is: I'm a basically good person.

Therefore, I will get to go to heaven someday. Many people think they are "good enough" for heaven. It's an assumption we make. If we haven't robbed a bank, or murdered anyone, or cheated on our taxes, we think we're just the kind of folk God is looking for to populate his home. By golly, we are good enough. At heaven's box office, we bought our ticket by being basically good people all throughout our lives. But what if that thinking is incorrect? THEN what? What a thing to have been wrong about!

What a misfire! Most of us would say we have a "skeleton in the closet. Something we hope no one ever finds out about us. A mistake in our past. A poor decision. A moment of weakness or stupidity that we'd rather not think about. That's the extreme. But there are many other more common things we don't really want others to know or notice about us.

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It might be the "little white lies" we tell. Or how we talk behind someone's back. Or how we copy other people's homework. Or the unkind words we say to people. Or the unkind thoughts we have about people. Much more than a one-time regrettable event, our lives, if we closely scrutinize them, show a pattern of wrongdoing.

We often don't do what we believe to be right. And we often do what we believe is wrong. All of us, even people whom we would call basically good, are also basically selfish and basically very imperfect. Everything we do is seen by God. He's perfectly aware of all the good we haven't done and yet could have , as well as all the bad we've done. He even knows all of our thoughts and all of our motives. Here's the second thing to consider if we think we're "good enough" for heaven: 2 Is it possible to be a basically good person and still have rejected God?

Consider Ralph. He's a "good" person. He was ethical in his job.

He never stole even a paper clip. He was a faithful father and husband. He provided for his children. He made sacrifices for them and for his wife whom he never cheated on. He even gave money to many charities throughout his life. But Ralph, though good in some sense, never "let God in.

It was as if God were knocking on the door of Ralph's heart. But Ralph never opened that door. He always came up with some excuse not to. Ironically, one of the recurring excuses was, I've been a good person all my life. I will go to heaven. Ralph wanted to go to heaven. Everyone does.

But in reality, Ralph didn't want to know God. And he didn't stop to analyze the huge implications of that decision the decision to keep God out. Think about it. Heaven is God's home.