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NICKATNYTE NIGHT WITCH - Clash Royale Legendary Challenge!

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Media Player Winamp. The black rose in the darkness - Grace The mysterious Blademaster from far east- Kotetsu The princess who rules the Beastkin - Maru Sequel to 'Dawn Break: Origin', with new battle stance changing and new control system. Absolutely no dull moment, absolute test of your skill!

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Only continuous practices can aid you in desperate Boss fights. Get access to more Story line, new Characters, and find guilds that are recruiting new blood! And why out so many ads huh?

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And it would be nice if there was a translator! This company seems to never learn from their mistakes. Just open the game and I already see ads that take up part of the screen I want to keep liking your games but as far as I see it this company will keep ignoring their players Oh also I like the fact that this game crashes Frequently!!! I have no hope in this company anymore The regiment flew in wood-and-canvas Polikarpov U-2 biplanes, a design intended for use as training aircraft hence its original uchebnyy designation prefix of "U-" and for crop dusting , which also had a special U-2LNB version for the sort of night harassment attack missions flown by the th, and to this day remains the most-produced wood- airframed biplane in aviation history.

An attack technique of the night bombers was to idle the engine near the target and glide to the bomb release point, with only wind noise left to reveal their location.

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German soldiers likened the sound to broomsticks and named the pilots "Night Witches. Throughout the course of the war the regiment accumulated approximately 23, sorties in combat, including in the following battles: [3]. In total the regiment collectively accumulated 28, flight hours, dropped over 3, tons of bombs and over 26, incendiary shells, damaging or completely destroying 17 river crossings, nine railways, two railway stations, 26 warehouses, 12 fuel depots, armored cars, 86 firing points , and 11 searchlights. In addition to bombings the unit performed supply drops of food and ammunition to Soviet forces.

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In total, people served in the regiment, of whom 32 died of various causes including plane crashes, combat deaths and tuberculosis in addition to 28 aircraft written off. Twenty-three personnel from the regiment were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union , two were awarded Hero of the Russian Federation , and one was awarded Hero of Kazakhstan. On 8 October , Order number specified the creation of three women's regiments—all personnel from technicians to pilots would be entirely composed of women.

The other two regiments were the th Fighter Aviation Regiment , which used Yak-1 fighters, and the th Bomber Aviation Regiment , which used twin engine Pe-2 dive bombers.

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Later the unit received the Guards designation and reorganized as the th Guards Dive Bomber Regiment. The th Regiment was originally under the command of Marina Raskova , but after her death in , a male commanding officer, Major Valentin Vasilievich Markov, replaced her.

The th's Petlyakov Pe-2 dive bombers also required a tall person to operate the top rear machine gun, but not enough women recruited were tall enough, requiring some men to join the aircrews as radio operator and tail gunner.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Night Witches disambiguation. A Polikarpov Po-2 , the aircraft type used by the regiment.

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