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  2. Manage & restore your device backups in Google Drive
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Remember this is a SYNC tool and not a backup tool, so if you delete a file from the cloud or from the local drive it will be deleted.

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There is revision history on files 30 days or revisions. But remember this is not a backup service and you should be using a backup tool to keep your data backed up Yes No. I am aware of the deletions issue. I have a similar question as LBMW I manage my files on an external hard drive and back up to DVD. I purchased 50 GB of Google Drive for offsite cloud storage.

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I would love to be able to sync from my external hard drive to Google Drive and I really don't want to maintain a copy of my files on my C: as the Google Local Drive seems to require. I do really like the concepts of sharing between my devices and sharing files with others using Google Drive, but I may have to go to another cloud solution if I am stuck maintaining a third copy of my files and sync functionality is not available. Hi all, I'm facing the same problem. So I just bought GB of space in Google Drive as I was thinking of using it as my backup system to keep a copy of my files in the cloud.

The problem is that it actually doesn't work in my case as I have the files in an external disk and it's not allowing me to set that drive as my Google Docs folder. Now I'm kind of limited as I don't have that much free space on my laptop's hard drive so I'm trying to find a way to sync files from the external disk directly to Google Drive without having to put them on my laptop's hard drive first.

Manage & restore your device backups in Google Drive

Have not yet found a solution to this but will let you know if I'm able to. If you find the way please let me know too. Same here, what shit, moving back to dropbox. This question is locked and replying has been disabled.

Drive back: Synonyms in English

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  4. Google Drive. Photos will back up to Google Photos. Contacts will back up to Google Contacts. Before you back up Your phone must be on a Wi-Fi network to back up photos and videos. If you back up multiple times, only new photos will be backed up. It will also overwrite any previous backups for contacts and calendars. If you organized photos into albums, those albums will not back up to Google Photos.

    Start your backup On your iPhone, install and open the Google Drive app. In the top left, tap Menu. Tap Start backup. After you back up You can see and use all your content across all devices after you back up.

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