On the Western Trail: A Western Quest Series Novel

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One black and one white. In New Orleans, the black man, Honey Boutrille, saves a prostitute's life by killing her attacker. Honey and Emerson rage through an authentic West drawn with a fierce and gleeful truthfulness, leaving trails of bodies, pursued ever more relentlessly, and moving always toward a central and inescapable meeting place: Denver, Colorado.

June Oscar Stone is a hangman.

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Everything he does, he does impeccably. He is more bloodless than bloodthirsty. He is a profound student of his art, completely versed in its traditions over the centuries. For more than a quarter of a century he has worked to create a reputation as a man peerless in his craft: the master executioner. He is also utterly alone with his craft. Suddenly, one day, on a single piece of knowledge, Oscar comes to a moment of devastating truth and for the first time knows himself.

April Soon, Dmitri has become screenwriter "Tom Boston," and the Association begins to produce a Yukon adventure film starring an actor who can't ride a horse as a cowboy, and a villain cast fresh out of San Quentin. Two witnesses to this turbulent evolution tell their stories.

One is an ancient Spanish alchemist searching for the philosopher's stone from his hut in the New Mexico desert. He devotes his long life to hunting for the secrets of the old gods. But will they give him the answers to his quest for meaning?

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The other is the fabled Pat Garrett, the man who killed his poker buddy, Billy the Kid. Haunted by Billy for the rest of his life, Pat Garrett searches for peace.

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Together and separately, Garrett and the alchemist journey through time and history searching for answers to their ancient questions. Billy Gashade is a wandering piano player who crosses paths with the notorious, the legendary, the unheralded. And his anchoring refrain remains true to this day: that most folks were neither as bad nor as good as they seemed, and they did the best they could with what they had.

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From the ravages of the Civil War to the early innovations of the twentieth century, the piano player who came to be known as Billy Gashade sang for his supper in saloons and bawdy houses from New York to New Mexico. Starred review in Publishers Weekly.

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In , the last buffalo hunter tracks the last buffalo through what remains of the frontier. A novel of the gunfight at the OK Corral. John "Killer" Miller: outlaw at 12, lawman at 23, gunfighter at 30, dead at His violent story. In , Irons St. Stephen L. Aaron and his friends hit their stride in the cattle business busting maverick cattle out of the wild lands along the far reaches of the Colorado River at the very edge of frontier Texas and driving the wild hardy longhorns up the newly opened Western Trail to Dodge City, Kansas, the Babylon of the Plains.

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They battled Indians and nature itself to get there. But change was already in the wind. Windmills and water wells expanded the vast areas of previously unusable prairie to grazing.

Barbed wire established boundaries of ownership and made gathering far-flung herds a thing of the past. It also gave the cattlemen the opportunity to fence good English bulls with their longhorns resulting in much better and earlier maturing animals. But the final nail in the coffin of the wild and wooly days of the cattle drive was the arrival of the railroad across Texas. Cattle drives that had taken three or four months could be made in a one to a few days.