How to Capture a Dragon

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  1. How to Train Your Dragon () - Plot Summary - IMDb
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  3. Dragon Face Rules Explained
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Year 3 How to trap a Dragon

The following animation from the Canadian Space Agency shows just how complex it is to capture a Dragon in space. Dragon will carry about nearly kg 1, pounds of cargo, mainly food and some spare parts for the ISS.

How to Train Your Dragon () - Plot Summary - IMDb

Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading Seems it would have been easier shooting for the crew competition. Good for SpaceX! The ball is refined from eyes of black dragon and black steel. The dragon will paralysis immediately and cannot move at the moment. Later, if you inject essence that extracted from "Fulongcao" a kind of grass, means grass which can capture the dragon into the horn of the dragon, and set its nerve cell energy back to the dragon, it will move again.

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  • Capture a Dragon.

But in the moment, you can pull the dragon following you. The injected essence is controlled by the "Fulongshen".

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Once the dragon tries to revolt, it will feel strong hurt in its brain. In order to make the graphics looks in reason, we need to endow the apotheosized props with strong power. For the illustrations with scene, you also need to learn to give them reasonable definition and explanation. The interesting introduction that full of story will make your illustrations attractive.

Dragon Face Rules Explained

The illustrations with no points which only aim to fight and flaunt skills will become boring soon. The illustrations are just pictures. If you want to tell stories in them, it needs much more skills than drawing pictures. It includes not only conceiving graphics. All the every tiny elements in the illustrations will affect the wonderfulness of the story.

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I've made a particular tutorial for this one and below is the Chinese version address: [link] A big hug for S crowder who have translated the text of the tutorial from Chinese to english,here is the link. In Photoshop Cs 5,about 14hours work,i hope you guys like this,thanks.

3 Replies to “How to Capture a Dragon in Space”

Add a Comment:. Load All Images. This picture reminds me Disciples 2- this technique and dark colors could suit to legions of damned.

Love it. Yikumaru Featured By Owner Mar 22, I doubt this could actually work. Kharadani Featured By Owner Jul 21, Great job man, it really comes to live.