Bakers Dozen: In 13 Days, Justin Baker and the World Will Change (Fresh Voices series)

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Delivery confirmation on all US orders. The main character is Jojo who is ten-year-old boy. Westlake knows this. Many others seem confused on that point. Kelp beats a hasty retreat through the tunnel, the hostages follow his lead, thereby rescuing themselves, and Dortmunder ends up being the only hostage, having been randomly picked to go outside and relay the demands of the nervous felons with machine guns to the equally nervous cops with sniper rifles.

Ya think? Maybe if this is the only Dortmunder story you ever read. And one of the guys with the machine guns is a mite oversensitive. OK, I made a mistake! I got excited and I shot up the switchboard! You want me to get excited again? I just forgot!

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He forgot. As if anyone could ever forget. A vital clue, that the detective in this story, namely the red-eyed robber, seizes upon later to unravel the locked-room mystery of where this Diddums jerk came from. Much good that does anyone, but the formal demands of the genre have been met.

They did later make a movie with that very premise, incidentally. No awards. No nominations. No audience. Cousin Bohker has a farm. Ee ey ee ey oh. Ee ey ee ey oy fucking vey. Dortmunder says enough with the iambic pentameter already, and goes outside. And when it turns out the box office proceeds—two thousand, seven hundred twenty-four dollars, not a bad score—got lifted while Dortmunder was standing outside the converted barn with no alibi.

Cousin Bokher has an ultimatum—ee ey ee ey dough. Or he calls in the state troopers. The point of this exercise is to put Dortmunder in the position of having to play detective. Innocent, I tells ya! He had so little experience of innocence. How does an innocent person act, react, respond to the base accusation? He could barely stand up, he was concentrating so hard on this sudden in-rush of guiltlessness. His knees were wobbling.

[AUF DEM TRÖDELMARKT] (Kerstin Hensel)

Great thing about The Bard is you never have to inquire about copyright. There are inquiries being made about the latest Shakespeare in the Park production, but those are of a different order. Once more into the breach of etiquette! Westlake liked turning his thieves into detectives though he never made an entire franchise out of it, the way Lawrence Block did. Should go without saying, Dortmunder never cared about whodunnit. His sense of aggrieved innocence certainly gets an overdue workout here. Speaking of which—. The shortest story on offer here. A mere vignette. Dortmunder walks into the O.

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Bar and Grill. Apparently just to have a bourbon and catch up with Rollo the bartender, but the regulars have things to discuss, relating to physical fitness and related issues. Worth hearing again, but not much point parsing it.

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Onwards to—. Party Animal: Back to the motif. Hard to be sure, those books are so badly lit. As has happened in past, we join Dortmunder on a fire escape at night, cops swooping in from above like flatfooted owls, cops waiting expectantly below, like crocodiles with badges. Not his usual scene, but hum a few bars and maybe he can avoid going behind them. Underneath the pile of coats on the bed, a couple is trying, and failing, to join the party equivalent of the mile high club. Dortmunder stows his gear, hides his loot, joins the fray.

He can blend into this crowd. Yet he would fain be gone through yon waiting portal. But hark, the doorbell rings—tis the coppers, seeking their rightful prey. The lowly server, handing out food. I must get mine surgically removed at some point. But returning to the point at hand, Dortmunder sees the harried caterer, a not-bad blonde, wearing a perpetual angry frown, precipitated in this case by the fact that the guy supposed to be helping her out here with these party animals never showed.

Dortmunder, good Samaritan that he is, volunteers to fill the gap, pass out the canapes, while she assembles them in the kitchen. We have seven already, and once we have all the seed money…. Well, naturally…. First they blew up the bridge, see, and then they stole the rowboat. A bit on the mundane side for such a gathering. So is Westlake.

Dortmunder also hears the couple from the bedroom earlier, Larry and Sheila, and notes that Larry is basically blowing Sheila off because the coat coitus got canceled. The caterer has noted the presence of fuzz, and is now giving Dortmunder funny looks—but saying nothing. Just handing him more snacks for the revelers. They tell him to mind his own business.

The party is winding down. The police have left the apartment, but not the chase. They will search each departing guest. Dortmunder has a fix—plant some of the jewelry he stole on one of those departing guests. So are we all, really. And the irate caterer, it turns out, has developed a little thing for Dortmunder. He tells her he is too, kind of. As a token of what they have shared in this brief encounter, and also to say thanks for not blowing the whistle on him, he slips a gold brooch in the shape of a feather into her hair bun.

To all a good night. A different kind of social gathering awaits Dortmunder in a less substantial tale with an interesting genesis to it, namely—. No pin-up girls, perhaps deemed inappropriate for the holiday season, who can say? Again, he needs to blow the joint before the law finds him, and the regular means of egress will not do.

Finding his way into a supply closet, he ties a bunch of sheets together, and lowers himself out the window in back of the hotel, abutting some smaller structures. One of which happens to be ta-dah! The Mysterious Bookshop, not that he knows what that is, or cares. He jokes that he hopes Diddums Welsh, remember?

A friendly poker game in the back room. Soon other players arrive.

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Larry, Justin, Al, Henry. I know who Larry is, and perhaps someone can fill me in about the others? But I can easily deduce that all these gentlemen are involved with the mystery genre—also known as crime fiction. So Dortmunder figures he can bide his time until the heat fades, and might as well make a little something extra for the Christmas stocking, right? He sits down to play, and he cheats a bit. Honor among thieves? Fuck that, they want their money back. With interest. Dortmunder has to stay for the whole game, lose every hand, and then he will be allowed to leave.

The mills of the mystery gods grind slow….. The next story is a direct sequel to this, and I believe I will give it short shrift. Peter Straub is a mystery writer? Since when? The usual Arnie-shtik is trotted out; old calendars all over the wall, obnoxious personality tics, nose like a tree root, et all.

My own feeling about Arnie is that he takes up a lot of space in the Dortmunders that should have gone to J. Summing up briefly. A man and a woman show up to interrupt the transaction. They say they have a semi parked downstairs on W. So obviously they are a couple. Solve it yourself, or read the story. Oh right! Now What? Definitely the longest, all of twenty-three pages. Dortmunder more or less accidentally stole a bounteously bejeweled brooch, reportedly worth k, from a movie star and his intended.

Her name is Felicia, a rather jaundiced reference to a much nicer girl of the same name marrying a much nicer movie star in Trust Me On This. The actor made a big scene out of it with the press, like they always do, claimed the daring thief broke in and snatched it before their very eyes. In fact, Felicia, thinking it was some cheesy pin being fobbed off on her, threw it out the window, where Dortmunder just happened to be passing by on one of his beloved fire escapes.

But this is all prologue. The story is how he tries, and tries, and tries , to fence the brooch, traversing the urban jungle with the goods all the while concealed within a ham sandwich in a brown paper bag. Knowing as he does, that for reasons perhaps only a tabloid editor could explain, the theft of the brooch is the 1 story in the world that day. The heat, as they say, is on. Keaton never saw more cops. Not looking for him, specifically. Now there were cops all over the place, just as in the recurrent nightmare Dortmunder had had for years, except none of these came floating down from the sky.

Just wait until they get jetpacks.

Year: 2014

See, Arnie, I mentioned you in two different sections! Dortmunder said yes it is, and walked away with it. God save the conman, when the mark is Dortmunder. You chose to live in New York. For most of us working stiffs here, this qualifies as a good day. Three Finger Gillie, so called because of this thing he did with a trio of digits on his right hand, that you probably would not like if he did it to you.

Three Fingers is a professional artist now. Learned how to paint in the pen. Among the nymphs and ferns of Portobello, Three Finger Gillie looked like the creature that gives fairy tales their tension. A burly man with thick black hair that curled low on his forehead and lapped over his ears and collar, he also featured a single, wide block of black eyebrow like a weight holding his eyes down. The mouth, what there was of it, was thin and straight and without color. I knew this reminded me of someone.

He was an artist too. Well, so was Albert Nussbaum, after a fashion. Different stories end differently. Three Fingers is good with the brushwork, and he likes the art game, wants to stay in it the old reference to how criminals and artists share the same personality profile.

You gotta have a gimmick, like the song lyric says.


But not enough people are showing at the show, or more important buying his stuff. The problem is that the postmodern art-buying public wants irony with their art. But so old-hat.

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Irony deficient. Now what if other criminals were to break into the gallery and steal his paintings? Irony within irony! Dortmunder does, and the offer is generous. The gallery is insured. He can make a deal with the insurance company, and keep it all for himself. Three Fingers just wants the publicity. Three Fingers is not known for his generosity.

Something smells bad. Complete with pop-up stores, and a storied history. The neighborhood had been full of lofts and warehouses and light manufacturing. Then commerce left, went over to New Jersey or out to the Island, and the artists moved in, for the large spaces at low rents. But the artists made it trendy, so the real estate people moved in, changed the name to Soho, which in London does not mean South of Houston Street, and the rents went through the roof.

The artists had to move out, but they left their paintings behind, in the new galleries. It looks like Charlotte Amalie , on a dimmer. It should be mentioned, the starving artists who bought those lofts, and the buildings that came with them, can now afford to paint or sculpt on their own private tropical islands, if they so desire. So is there a catch? Is this a Dortmunder yarn? And who never was Dortmunder, but he might well have ended up replacing him on the roster, if certain persons in Hollywood had their way. Scott, was named Walter Upjohn Ballantine? Hopefully not, since that film is terrible.

Westlake happened to reference it, and not fondly, in the Dortmunder novel he wrote around the same time he was assembling this anthology. Perhaps not a coincidence. Once bitten…. Years after The Hot Rock came out, in But then again, maybe Big Hooper is the prototype for Tiny—a rough preliminary sketch for the much more interesting man monster we came to know.

Rough in more ways than one, and that goes for the rest of this gang of second stringers. And yet, Westlake has more enthusiasm for Big Hooper than for all the rest combined—why? Dortmunder in this universe is short, and named John Rumsey, after an exit sign on the Sawmill Parkway. Kelp looks about the same, and is named Algy oh very good, Mr.

Westlake, keeping the aquatic plant life theme alive. It is not surprising that high investments in advertisement of a particular company results in a higher investor attention to corresponding stock Grullon et al. All mentioned above market-based measures have a one important drawback. In particular, according to Da et al. Moreover, some indicators can work pro-cyclical. For example, a high trading volume can draw an investor attention. As a result, the trading volume grows even higher. This, in turn, leads to even bigger investor attention.

Overall, market-based indicators are playing a very important role in measuring investor attention. However, an investor should always try to make sure that no other variables can drive the result. The second way to proxy for investor attention can be to use survey-based sentiment indexes. The survey contains fifty core questions. However, the survey consists of only five main questions concerning business, employment, and income conditions. The questions can be answered with only three options: However, according to Da et al. First, most of survey-based data sets are available at weekly or monthly frequency.

At the same time, most of the alternative sentiment measures are available at daily frequency. Second, there is a little incentive for respondents to answer question in such surveys carefully and truthfully Singer [28]. To sum up, survey-based sentiment indexes can be helpful in predicting financial indicators.

However, the usage of such indexes has specific drawbacks and can be limited in some cases. It is also not surprising, that such popular sources of news as Wall Street Journal , New York Times or Financial Times have a profound influence on the market. The strength of the impact can vary between different columnists even inside a particular journal Dougal et al. The usual way to analyze the influence of the data from micro-blogging platforms on behavior of stock prices is to construct special mood tracking indexes.

The easiest way would be to count the number of "positive" and "negative" words in each relevant tweet and construct a combined indicator based on this data. An alternative, but more demanding, way is to engage human experts to annotate a large number of tweets with the expected stock moves, and then construct a machine learning model for prediction. The application of the event study methodology to Twitter mood shows significant correlation to cumulative abnormal returns Sprenger et al.

Overall, most popular social networks, finance-related media platforms, magazines, and journals can be a valuable source of sentiment data, summarized in Peterson In addition, analysis of such data can also require deep machine learning and data mining knowledge Hotho et al. The fourth road is an important source of information about investor attention is the Internet search behavior of households.